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The County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation (CCAOSC) was formed in 1991 to develop and sponsor services that assist county government. CCAOSC is a for-profit business corporation and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CCAO. 

CCAOSC provides a variety of service programs that are focused upon helping counties, all with one goal in mind – to help counties better serve their residents. These programs can help counties:

  • Be more efficient with their fiscal resources
  • Offer programs to improve their community
  • Enhance employee job satisfaction

CCAOSC has two major service programs:

  • CCAO Energy Program – helping counties manage their electric and natural gas supply contracts utilizing Palmer Energy as the Program Manager
  • CCAO Workers Compensation Programs – helping counties enhance workplace safety and reduce their workers compensation premiums

We also have chosen to endorse several vendor partners who offer exceptional goods and services to our counties at preferential cost.

If you have questions regarding any CCAOSC service program, contact:

John Leutz
CCAO Assistant Director
(614) 220-7994

Steve Caraway
OCERP Administrator and Special Projects Manager
(614) 220-7998

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County Benefits +

CB+CCAO is thrilled to launch a pioneering initiative aimed at enhancing the lives of the county workforce in Ohio. County Benefits+ is a new partnership between CCAO and Aflac. Through this partnership, assisted by NACo’s Public Promise Insurance, county leaders and their employees will now have access to Ohio's premiere supplemental benefits program.

In an era where attracting and retaining talent has never been more challenging, County Benefits+ goes beyond a traditional supplemental benefits program by offering an all-encompassing solution that caters to the specific needs of both the county workforce and the leadership that support them. With the increasing costs of healthcare in America, supplemental benefits are built to help employees cover unforeseen expenses that a core medical benefit offering may not. These unforeseen medical events often add financial hardship to the lives of county employees and their families.

CCAO Executive Director, Cheryl Subler, praised the partnership “County Benefits+ represents an exciting collaboration between our organization and the largest supplemental benefits provider in America, Aflac. Members of the county workforce are asking for these supplemental benefits, and through this program, we aim to help counties attract and retain their employees. By combining our resources and the Aflac expertise, we have built a program that provides exceptional supplemental benefits to support county employees. This program was built solely for the 88 counties in Ohio and we are thrilled at the program that we have structured."

Highlights of the "County Benefits+" program include:

  • Wide Range of Voluntary Supplemental Benefits: Benefits that employees can elect to offset additional costs associated with Critical Illness, Accidents, Cancer Diagnosis, Hospital Stays, Pet Insurance, ID Theft, and Life Insurance. These provide cash payments that cover expenses such as copays, deductibles, and other unforeseen expenses.
  • State-wide Underwriting: Aflac has agreed to a strong state-wide plans and rates for the state of Ohio specific to county governments. This reduces the hassle of obtaining quotes and pulling large amounts of data for voluntary benefits.
  • No County Costs: The benefits program is voluntary with each employee purchasing only the products they want.
  • One-on-One Enrollment Support: Every county employee will have an opportunity for a face-to-face or virtual discussion with a certified enrollment counselor.
  • HR Team Support: The program includes an administration, billing and payroll support feature. In addition, the certified enrollment counselors are able to assist HR teams with driving home key messages during their one-n-one consultations.
  • Enhanced Communication: Communication materials and education campaigns are very easy to provide to your staff.
  • County Focus: This program is built 100% for the county workforce. It is built to strengthen the benefits package your county is already offering and support your teams in the battle to attract and retain talent.

Please take this opportunity to assess the value that a new or revised supplemental benefits program can bring to your county team.

For more information on County Benefits+, reach out to John Leutz, Steve Caraway or Tim Hoverman.

County FIRM

County FIRMAt CCAO, we're not just listening – we're taking action to help shape the future of County operations! Inspired by the feedback from our member Counties, we're thrilled to announce County FIRM (Facility Investment, Retrofit, and Maintenance) – a proven team of former contractors, licensed professional engineers, and other facilities industry experts that are using their expertise to support our counties in their endeavors around facility maintenance and facility capital projects (including jails).

Reduce and eliminate the headaches of unexpected HVAC failures, costly change orders, and the complex web of contractor management with unparalleled ease. County FIRM is a professional services provider that will act as an extension of your staff to assess facility needs, capital plans, manage contractors, provide technical support, procurement support, and many other forms of owners representative consulting.

We understand that no two Counties are alike, which is why we're committed to delivering tailored solutions that perfectly fit your unique needs. County FIRM will be visiting your County soon to provide further insights on how we can make your day to day easier to focus on the task at hand of serving your constituents.

For more information, reach out to:

Joe Sokol, Regional Manager – Professional Services
Palmer Conservation Consulting


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Cyber Assessment Program


Beginning in August 2023, the CCAO Service Corp began a newsletter for members and other interested parties. The newsletter highlights existing Service Corp programs, previews upcoming programs, and more! Past issues are archived below.

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