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CCAO Supports Proposed Opioid Litigation Settlement

CCAO President and Licking County Commissioner Tim Bubb released the following statement in support of the proposed opioid litigation settlement under consideration by Ohio local governments:

“As counties across the state discuss joining the proposed opioid litigation settlement, the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) shares its support for the proposed settlement agreement. CCAO recognizes that no settlement will ever make whole the destruction wrought by opioid addiction on countless Ohio families. Nor will any settlement fully cover the expenses borne by counties and local governments that have been on the front lines combatting this epidemic for years. However, the proposed settlement agreement represents the best opportunity available to many counties to support treatment and recovery efforts, prevent future addiction, and ultimately save lives in the years to come. This settlement marks the first step in rebuilding our counties, our communities, and the lives of those we serve.”

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