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CCAO and Comm-Core Announce Strategic Partnership

The County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Comm-Core, a leading innovator in IP-based hosted voice and data solutions, VoIP, and surveillance systems. This collaboration is set to enhance the service offerings available to Ohio counties, helping them better serve their residents through advanced technology solutions.

John Leutz, Assistant Director of CCAO, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "A leading innovator behind IP-Based, hosted voice and data solutions, offering industry-leading Hosted & On-Premise VoIP, COMM-CORE has grown to become a leader in voice, surveillance, and security operations dedicated to helping clients solve their problems."

Comm-Core specializes in providing robust VoIP and surveillance systems designed to enhance communication and security operations. Their expertise will be invaluable in supporting Ohio counties in becoming more efficient with their fiscal resources, offering community-improving programs, and enhancing employee job satisfaction.

“Keeping up with technology can be a daunting task, especially with the complexity of communications, physical and cybersecurity concerns” was the theme of a recent presentation from Mike Curtis - Partner and CRO with Comm-Core a division of Virtual Technologies Group (VTG).

VTG is a provider that can assist with integration and services to address how a county can communicate via VoIP system as a stand-alone service or with Teams integration. The system not only addresses daily functions but more importantly using technology to assist in solving how the systems can support a county during an emergency. VTG / Comm-Core’s focus is to solve complex business challenges via use of technology.

The CCAO Service Corporation (CCAOSC), formed in 1991, is a for-profit business corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of CCAO. It is dedicated to developing and sponsoring services that assist county government. The programs provided by CCAOSC focus on helping counties achieve greater efficiency, community improvement, and employee satisfaction.

Through this partnership, Ohio counties can look forward to accessing state-of-the-art voice and surveillance solutions that will streamline their operations and elevate their service delivery standards.

About Comm-Core: Comm-Core is a leading provider of IP-based, hosted voice and data solutions, specializing in hosted and on-premise VoIP systems, as well as advanced surveillance and security operations. Their innovative approach and dedication to solving client problems have established Comm-Core as a leader in the industry.

About the County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation (CCAOSC): The CCAOSC was established to develop and sponsor services that assist county government. It provides a variety of programs aimed at helping counties become more efficient with their resources, improve community programs, and enhance employee job satisfaction. CCAOSC is a for-profit business corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of CCAO. For more information, please reach out to CCAO’s Steve Caraway at or by calling 614-220-7998.

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