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After It Leaves the Curb:  A Training Course for Ohio Government and Decision Makers

CCAO and the Organization of Solid Waste Districts of Ohio (OSWDO) received a grant from the Ohio EPA's Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEFF) to train county commissioners, solid waste district policy committee members and boards of trustees about solid waste management in Ohio from the perspective of solid waste districts.  In 2012 the Ohio EPA OEFF recognized CCAO/OSWDO for this project as an "Outstanding OEFF Grant Project for the Regulated Community".  

Training Resource Documents

After It Leaves the Curb Training Video
After It Leaves the Curb Training Course Powerpoint
After It Leaves the Curb Training Course Script
C&A Carbone, Inc. et al. v Town of Clarkstown, New York
District Solid Waste Management Plan Format
Draft State Solid Waste Management Plan 2009
Ohio Solid Waste Management Districts Map
CCAO Handbook - Chapter 32) Solid Waste Management
Resource Materials (Weblinks)
Solid Waste Management Plan 2001
United Haulers Assn, Inc. et al. v Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Management Authority et al