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SFY14-SFY15 Budget information

Budget Overview Released


CCAO's overview of budget items of particular interest to counties is now available.  Click here to view the comprehensive document (updated September, 2013.)  Should you have questions, please contact a member of the policy staff at (614) 221-5627.


June 21, 2013 - Tax Reform Proposal


CCAO has prepared comments on the tax reform proposal language released today, June 21, 2013.  These comments will be submitted as written testimony to the House Finance Committee, who will be hearing testimony on the proposal today.

To view CCAO's June 21, 2013 comments, click here.


Conference Committee

CCAO has prepared an overview for issues of importance to counties heading into conference committee.

The committee is slated to begin their work Tuesday, June 18th and issue a report soon after.  CCAO urges all members to contact their legislators on these items while the General Assembly works out the differences between the House and Senate versions of the budget.

On Wednesday, June 12th, CCAO distributed to members and staff:

CCAO Position Chart on Am. Sub. HB 59 as pending in Conference Committee

Cover memo

Executive Summary


CCAO Analysis

HB 59 Proposal to Broaden Sales Tax Base While Imposing Reduction of County Sales Tax Rates

-  To view CCAO's Revised Position Statement (Updated March 29, 2013) click here.

-  To view a county by county table of sales tax rate changes under the Administration's proposal, click here.

To view a brief initial overview of priority county government items within the budget prepared by CCAO policy staff, click here.  (Revised Feb 13, 2013)

Governor John Kasich unveiled his 2014-2015 state budget framework, termed  Ohio’s Jobs Budget 2.0 “Jobs. Momentum. Transformation" on February 4, 2013.


CCAO Testimony and Correspondence


Long Testifies Before Full Senate Finance Committee.  CCAO Executive Director Larry Long testified on provisions of interest to CCAO in Sub HB 59, the state biennial budget bill, as pending in the Senate Finance Committee.

To view the May 31, 2013 testimony, click here.

CCAO Letter of Support on Sales and Use Tax "Nexus" Provision.  CCAO issued a letter of support for a House-added budget provision that would prescribe new criteria for determining whether sellers are presumed to have “substantial nexus” with Ohio for purposes of being required to register with the Tax Commissioner and collect and remit the sales and use tax.

To view the May 28, 2013 letter, click here.

CCAO Letter of Support - Lodging Tax Provision.  CCAO issued a letter of support for a House-added provision to clarify Ohio law to ensure that online travel companies remit taxes based on their retail prices.  Closing this tax loophole will result in an estimated $7 to 10 million annually more for Ohio’s state and local government to use to improve their communities and market their areas to attract more visitors.

To view the May 16, 2013 letter, click here.

Long testimony on General Government Budget Issues.  CCAO Executive Director Larry L. Long testified on general government issues in Am Sub HB 59 before the Senate Finance General Government Subcommittee.  Long discussed the need for a partial restoration of local government funds, provided support for additional dollars to fund the "hold harmless" in LGF cuts for 23 counties, and opposed a proposal that would require commissioners to establish a special equipment fund for county recorders upon the request of the recorder.  He also touched on other CCAO budget issues, and used the CCAO whitepaper on Am Sub HB 59 as the basis for his May 1, 2013 testimony.

Senate Testimony on Health and Human Services Issues.  Steve Stolte, Union County Commissioner, provided testimony on CCAO's health and human services priorities in Am Sub HB 59 before the Senate Finance Medicaid Subcommittee.  The testimony focused on the need for additional administrative dollars for county job and family services agencies to transition to the new Medicaid eligibility system and a proposed process to reduce the size of behavioral health boards.  Commissioner Stotle also touched on multi-county health district levies, shared support for investments in welfare-to-work programming, and reemphasized CCAO's support for Medicaid expansion.

To view Commissioner Stolte's May 1, 2013 testimony, click here.

April 12, 2013 Testimony on House Finance Committee version of HB 59.  CCAO Executive Director Larry Long testified before the full Finance committee on the subsitute version of the bill.  His testimony focused largely on a request for the restoration of Local Government Funds that were disproportionately reduced by the last biennial budget and CCAO opposition to a provision added by the House which would make the County Recorders Equipment Fund mandatory rather than permissive which it is now. 

To view the full testimony, click here.

Transportation Budget - Joint association letter on conference committee provisions - CCAO, CEAO, OML and OTA jointly called on the conference committee members on HB 51, the transportation budget, to remove certain provisions that would have a negative impact on local governments.

To view the March 17, 2013 letter, click here.

Severance Tax Testimony  - Senior Policy Analyst Josh Hahn testified on the severance tax proposals found in HB 59, asking members to consider a modest increase in the severance tax proposal beyond the Administration’s initial proposal to aid counties impacted by oil and gas development. 

To view Josh's March 14, 2013 testimony, click here.

Health and Human Services Testimony - CCAO Executive Director Larry L. Long testified on the health and human services provisions of the budget, sharing CCAO's support of Medicaid expansion, the need for additional administrative funding at the CDJFS level for systems implementation, and the need to revise language around multi-county health district levies.

To view Larry's March 13, 2013 testimony, click here.

Transportation Budget - Joint association letter on over-sized trucks - CCAO, CEAO, OML and OTA penned a joint letter to Senator Gayle Manning, Chairwoman of the Senate Transportation Committee, urging her consideration to remove a provision in the bill that would authorize over-weight trucks.

To view the March 5, 2013 letter, click here.

Joint county association letter of support on human services budget - CCAO partnered with JFSDA, PCSAO and OCDA to thank Governor Kasich and ODJFS Director Colbert for provisions in their as-introduced budget around county agency appropriation levels and Medicaid expansion.

To view the February 27, 2013 letter, click here.


Press Releases


Feb 20, 2013 - CCAO urges Medicaid Expansion; comments on State of State proposals

Jan 25, 2013 - CCAO Announces Support of Medicaid Expansion


State Information


- The 4,206 page bill, HB 59.

- The 450 page bill analysis, prepared by the Legislative Service Commission (LSC)

- Other LSC documents, including revenue and Medicaid spending forecasts, line item comparisons to previous biennium, an analysis of fees, and eventually, a comparison document between the as-introduced, House-adopted, Senate-adopted, Conference-Committee adopted, and final versions.

- The Administration's budget documents on the Office of Budget and Management’s website.