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Policy and Advocacy




A major purpose of CCAO is to monitor legislation and educate members of the General Assembly and the Administration on issues of importance to county government.  Legislation and rules enacted in Columbus directly influence the management and financing of county government.  It is essential that the impact of policy decisions be understood by members of the Legislature and Administration.

Oftentimes, the most effective form of this communication is direct from county officials.  To help inform these conversation, the policy staff will be updating the "Current Issues" portion of the policy site to provide talking points and statewide data on priority issues pending before state officials.

The county "map room" of the Ohio Statehouse, funded in part by CCAO.

CCAO's legislative priorities are formulated with guidance from the organization's seven standing committees:

1. Agriculture and Rural Affairs

2. General Government and Operations

3. Health and Human Services

4. Jobs, Economic Development and Infrastructure

5. Justice and Public Safety

6. Metropolitan and Regional Affairs

7. Small County Affairs

8. Taxation and Finance

The legislative priorities and platform recommendations for each upcoming two-year session of the Ohio General Assembly are approved by the membership at the annual winter conference in the even-numbered years.


Who We Are


The CCAO policy team is comprised of individuals with various levels of public sector experience and has collectively been employed at the city, county, state and federal levels.  Meet the Policy Staff


What We Do


The CCAO policy team provides technical assistance to counties, creates and updates resources on state policy and legislation pertinent to counties, and advocates on behalf of counties before the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government.  In addition, the policy staff engages the media, stakeholders, various community organizations, and the public about county government generally, as well as CCAO's legislative agenda and the impact proposed legislation would have on counties.  We also work with our national counterpart NACo, the National Association of Counties, to advocate on behalf of counties at the federal level.