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As the 132nd General Assembly convenes, the need for state legislators to understand the issues confronting county government has never been more important. We must stress to them the critical need for ensuring fiscal stability and the impact the loss of the Medicaid Managed Care Organization sales tax will have on that stability. In addition, we need to express our concerns about the impact of the opiate epidemic upon counties and continue to urge them to support us and our state/county partnership on the issues of indigent defense reimbursement and purchase of new voting machines.

CCAO has organized Regional Legislative Briefings where commissioners and legislators can discuss issues of concern. In addition, you should also feel free to invite other county elected officials and staff to attend. CCAO also encourages members to invite the media, using the enclosed press release as a guideline. 

The meeting will include a discussion led by a few commissioners in the region and should be a time for an examination of mutual problems and concerns for commissioners and legislators alike.

CCAO has sent an invitation to each legislator inviting them to the event in their area as well as to any of the other events that are being held across the state. If your legislators’ districts split counties you are encouraged to invite them to your meeting even if they are not listed with your county’s region.

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