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County Budgets

Auditors and Commissioners Association Joint County Finances Fact Sheet (2012)
County Budgets:  What Does the Future Hold? (2010)
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Guidance from the Auditor of State (2009)
Managing Budgets (2009)
County Budget Procedures


County Eligible Investments (County Treasurer's Presentation for Commissioners) (2012)

Local Government Funds

CY 2010 State and County Local Government Funds:  Amounts Distributed to Counties (August 2011)
CY2010 County Undivided Local Government Funds (March 2012)
Changes to the Local Government Fund, as enacted by FY 12-13 State Operating Budget (July 2011)
History of Local Government Fund and Local Government Revenue Assistance Fund (2006)
History of the Library and Local Government Support Fund (2006)
Final Report of the Local Government and Library Revenue Distribution Task Force (2006)
CCAO Local Government Fund Presentation (2005)
Local Government Fund Fact Sheet (2005)


Tangible Personal Property Tax (2008)
Collection & Distribution of Motor Vehicle Registration Fees (2008)
Tangible Personal Property Tax & Telephone Property Losses (2007)
Ohio Taxation from a County Perspective (2002)

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