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RESPONSIBILITIES/ISSUES: To review and make suggestions to ORC Chapters 6131, 6133, 6135, 6177, and 1515 to improve and clarify the laws on drainage.  

Steve Stolte, Union County Commissioner, Chair

CCAO STAFF CONTACT - Cheryl Subler, Managing Director of Policy, at 514/220-7980 or 888/757-1904

2017 CCAO Drainage Law Task Force Members

Jay Begg, Allen County Commissioner
Leah Curtis, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
Nathan Davis, Assistant Drain Engineer, Allen County
Doug Degen, Drainage Engineer, Allen County
Dan Ellerbrock, Allen County SWCD
Chad Endsley, General Counsel, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
Michael Evans, Lobbyist, County Engineers Association of Ohio
Peggy Hall, OSU Extension
Doris Herringshaw, Wood County Commissioner
Steve Hess, Champaign County Commissioner
Ronald Lajti, Ottawa County Engineer
Milt Link, Delaware SWCD
Ryan Mack, Defiance County Commissioner
Amy Milam, Director of Legal Education, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
Glenn Miller, Henry County Commissioner
John Musteric, Wood County Engineer
TJ Place, Auglaize County SWCD
Lora Redick, Administrative Assistant, Allen County Engineer's Office
Doug Reinhart, Auglaize County Engineer
Jason Roehrig, Defiance County SWCD
Mark Seger, Ohio Department of Agriculture
Jennifer Shuey, Director of Operations and Education, County Engineers Association of Ohio
Holly Stacy, Seneca County Commissioner
Adam Ward, Director of Government Affairs, OSU Extension
Andy Ward, OSU Extension
Devonna Wenning, Deputy Auditor, Allen County