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Conference AND MEETING Handout Materials

CCAO/CEAO Winter Conference - December 6-8, 2015


Legal Implications of Drug Testing in the Public Sector
arriage Equality:  What's Up Next for Public Employers?
BWC Updates and Overview of Prospective Billing for Public Employers
IT Infrastructure:  What You Need to Know to Make Smart Budget Decisions and Protect the County
Construction Projects:  Strategies to Stay on Time and on Budget
Managing Risks Associated with Courthouse Security
Reducing the Number of Mentally Ill in Jails
    •   The Stepping Up Initiative
    •   Bridging the Gaps Between Criminal Justice and Mental Health Summit

County Economic Development Symposium - June 24-25, 2015

Morning General Session
Economic Development:  A Team Effort
What Do I Need to Know About My Community?
What Do I Do with the Information?
    •   Ohio County Profiles
    •   State of Ohio Profile

Luncheon Address
Building Ohio's Communities from Within

Closing General Session
Implementing Success Strategies

Breakout Sessions

Land Banks
     •   County Land Banks:  A Tool to Revitalize Our Communities
     •   Belmont County Land Reutilization Corporation
     •   Montgomery County Land Reutilization Corporation

Economic Gardening
     •   Introduction to Economic Gardening
     •   Pure Michigan Business Connect

Energy as an Economic Development Strategy
     •   Aiding Public Officials in the Decision Making Process

Jobs in the Aerospace and Military Sector
     •   Bridging the Gap - STEM  Jobs in Ohio

Local Economic Development Incentives
     •   Economic Development Incentives

Structural Models for Economic Development
     •   Teamwork:  Building Guernsey County
     •   Crawford County:  The Vision

Working with State Partners
     •   Roadmap for Economic Development

Water and Sewer:  Leveraging Grants and Loans
     •   Pipe Dreams:  When Infrastructure is the "Gap"
     •   Can We Get That Project Funded?

Infrastructure Challenges
     •   Transportation Improvement Districts
     •   Gas and Oil Exploration and Road Use and Maintenance Agreements
     •   Wind Farms

Workforce Development
    •   Link Lima Allen County Workforce Development Framework
    •   Marion County:  Workforce Development Public-Private Partnerships

    •   Broadband:  Empowering Life-Long Learning
    •   City of Dublin:  DubLink
    •   Perry County:  Gettting Organized and Getting Started
    •   Digital Works

Water and Sewer:  Shared Services for Water, Sewer and Stormwater Projects
    •   Shared Services
    •   Regional Cooperation
    •   Lucas County

CCAO 2015 Budget Briefings and OSU Extension Update

CCAO Budget Briefing:  Items of Interest to Counties

CCAO Taxation and Finance Committee Webinar - May 4, 2015

Ohio Checkbook Transparency Project
County Permissive Sales and Use Tax Resources

CCAO Small County Affairs Committee - April 15, 2015
Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV)
2014 CAUV Explanation of Calculation
2014 CAUV Value as a Percent of Market Value, Market Value Per Acre and CAUV Value Per Acre

CCAO/CEAO Winter Conference - December 7-9, 2014

New Member Orientation:  Welcome to CCAO

A Brief Introduction to Ethics and Financial Disclosure

Cyber Security Initiatives:  Engaging Public and Private Partners to Combat Cyber Attacks, Share Best Practices

Franklin County Cyber Security Project

Ohio Department of Veterans Services Discussion with Director Tim Gorrell

Ohio Department of Veterans Services Update

Workforce Policy Update

Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation Update
ocal Board Side by Side
he Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Auditor of State:, Reduce and Recover Costs on Heavy Equipment

ShareOhio:  One Stop Shop to Save Dollars and Better Utilize Equipment

Healthy Counties

The Case for Wellness
Franklin County Grows
Food Security Resources

Social Media Straegies and Communication

Panel Presentation

BWC Transition to Prospective Payment of Premiums

BWC Updates and Overview of Prospective Billing

Certified Public Records Training for Elected Officials

Letting the Sun Shine In...Using Ohio's Public Records Act to Promote Open and Accountable Government

CCAO/CEAO Winter Conference - December 8-10, 2013

9-1-1:  Next Steps for Next Generation of Service
NG 9-1-1 Transition Planning

Human Resources Tips and Trends

What's Trending on the HR Hotline
easonable Suspicion Checklist

Affordable Care Act:  What You Need to Know as an Employer and Public Official

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
A Guide to Healthcare Reform:  Prepare Now or Regret Later
Transitioning Medicaid Eligibility Systems at the County Level

Budgets and Fiscal Control

County Budgets and Financial Issues


Local Government Innovation Fund:  Offerings and Updates
Clermont County Community Alternative Sentencing Center (CASC)
Innovation in Cuyahoga County

JobsOhio - Update on Ohio's Economic Development Trend

Pioneering a New Path in Ohio Economic Development

Ohio National Guard Briefing

Ohio National Guard Overview Briefing
ow to Become an Ohio National Guard Ambassador

Luncheon Speaker

Communicating in a Crisis