County Commissioners' Association of Ohio - 88 CCAO - Serving Ohio Counties Since 1880

CCAO Affiliates Council 

The purpose of the CCAO Affiliates Council is to coordinate with CCAO affiliate organizations and to encourage their full participation in the activities of CCAO and to look for ways to better utilize their expertise. Committee members are presidents of the organizations.

CCAO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS Ed Humphrey, Clermont County Commissioner and CCAO President and Daniel Troy, Lake County Commissioner and CCAO 1st Vice President

CCAO STAFF CONTACT - Suzanne Dulaney, Executive Director,  614/220-7977 or 888/757-1904

President of CCAO Affiliate Organizations 

County Administrators Association 
County Commissioners Clerks and Engineers Administrative Professionals Association 
Ohio County Dog Wardens' Association 
Emergency Management Association of Ohio 
Facilities Management Association 
Family & Children First Coordinators Association 
Ohio County Home Association 
County Loss Control Coordinators Association 
Planning Directors Association 
County Sanitary Engineers Association of Ohio 
Organization of Solid Waste Districts of Ohio