County Commissioners' Association of Ohio - 88 CCAO - Serving Ohio Counties Since 1880

Boards Coordinating Council 

The Boards Coordinating Council includes the CCAO President, 1st Vice President and Past President; CORSA President and Vice President; and CEBCO President and Vice President. Its purpose is to discuss administrative, personnel, and operational issues that affect all three legal entities and encourage a sharing of resources with efficient and coordinated management. The membership on the Council is the same as the membership of the LLC Board that has operational oversight of the new building.

CCAO STAFF CONTACT - Suzanne Dulaney, Executive Director, at 614/220-7977 or 888/757-1904

CCAO Boards Coordinating Council Members 

Ed Humphrey, Clermont County Commissioner and CCAO President
Daniel Troy, Lake County Commissioner and CCAO 1st Vice President
Doug Corcoran, Ross County Commissioner and CCAO Past President
Gary Lee, Union County Commissioner and CEBCO President
John Love, Putnam County Commissioner, CEBCO Vice President
Steve Stolte, Union County Commissioner, CORSA President
Teresa Bemiller, Knox County Commissioner, CORSA Vice President